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Xiaomi Mijia All-Effect Air Purifier Ultra Enhanced Edition launched in China

The new Xiaomi Mijia All-Effect Air Purifier Ultra Enhanced Edition was launched today in China, with a starting price of 5799 yuan, about 700 euro.

Xiaomi Mijia All-Effect Air Purifier Ultra Enhanced Edition launched in China

Xiaomi Mijia All-Effect Air Purifier Ultra Enhanced Edition

Among the main features, the purifier includes an oxygen dissolving layer, a high-precision PM1 filter, a high-quality microporous activated carbon layer, a full-width light curtain, a catalytic filter element for formaldehyde, a matrix of second generation carbon at 10.000 levels, a high energy sterilization ion field, a specific filter for pets, an antibacterial and anti-allergic filter, and a washable PET filter.

An innovative aspect of this product is thefilter element for the decomposition of formaldehyde, which uses a microstructurally controlled manufacturing process to increase the contact area with air, decomposing formaldehyde into water and carbon dioxide without the need for replacement. The other filter elements, however, have a variable lifespan: the full-effect composite filter and the carbon matrix last 2 and 3 years respectively, while the medium-effect composite filter lasts 1 year.

The purifier is equipped with a second generation carbon matrix which captures odors, volatile organic compounds (VOCs) and other harmful gases, and a layer of oxygen solution that strongly decomposes secondhand smoke and kitchen waste odors. It has obtained the Swiss SGS deodorization certification.

Regarding sterilization, the product uses a reflective aluminum film coating high strength to overcome the limited irradiation range of traditional UV lamps, achieving full-width irradiation disinfection. Four high-energy plasma generators they continuously disinfect viruses and bacteria attached to the filter element, removing harmful gases and odors. The product has been certified as a medical grade air purifier.

Finally, the purifier is also equipped with a high-precision super-sensor system, which includes PM1, PM2.5, dust, formaldehyde, VOC, carbon dioxide, humidity and temperature detectors. Through the Mi Home app, you can choose from several intelligent modes, such as formaldehyde removal, anti-allergy mode, pet enhancement and dirt purification. It also supports Xiaomi HyperOS smart connection, allowing integration with other smart home devices.

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