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Xiaomi Mijia Fascia Gun 3: professional muscle massage for only 399 Yuan (€50)

This morning the mark Xiaomi has released the new one in China Mijia Band Gun 3, in China, with a pre-sale price of 399 yuan (about 50 euros). It is an innovative and powerful massage device, designed to provide a personalized and long-lasting massage experience.

Xiaomi Mijia Fascia Gun 3: professional muscle massage for only 399 Yuan (€50)

Xiaomi Mijia Band Gun 3

The Mijia Fascia Gun 3 stands out for its integrated structural design that combines aesthetics and functionality. The custom brushless motor built into the device ensures a noise reduction and superior stability, offering users a powerful and silent massage experience. With a maximum impact force of 25kg and maximum speed of 2800 rpm, the Mijia Fascia Gun 3 can penetrate deeply into muscle tissue, promoting blood circulation and quickly relieving fatigue.

One of the most notable features of this product is its versatility. The Mijia Fascia Gun 3 offers two massage modes: fixed frequency exercise and variable frequency massage, each with three speed settings. This allows users to customize the massage to suit their needs, whether it's deep relaxation or quick relief.

Xiaomi Mijia Band Gun 3

Furthermore, the device is designed to be extremely user-friendly. Automatically remembers the last setting used and resumes massage from the same mode and speed the next time you turn it on, eliminating the need for repeated adjustments. The Mijia Fascia Gun 3 also comes with a variety of interchangeable massage heads, such as flat head, ball head and U-shaped head, to meet the massage needs of different body parts.

Another innovation is the force feedback light ring, which provides users with visual feedback on the pressure applied during the massage, helping to prevent ineffective massages or injuries due to excessive pressure.

From the point of view of autonomy, the Mijia Fascia Gun 3 excels thanks to its 2450mAh lithium battery. Xiaomi claims that a full charge can guarantee up to 30 days of use, allowing users to enjoy a long-lasting experience without the need for frequent charging.

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