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Xiaomi Mijia Disney Princess Limited Edition Hair Dryer released in China

Xiaomi, the Chinese tech giant, recently launched the Mijia Disney Princess Limited Edition Hair Dryer, a new limited edition hairdryer Mijia H501, dedicated to Disney princesses. This special hair dryer is now available for purchase in China, but in limited quantities, with a starting price of 349 yuan (about 45 euros).

Xiaomi Mijia Disney Princess Limited Edition Hair Dryer released in China

Xiaomi Mijia Disney Princess Limited Edition Hair Dryer

The Mijia H501 hairdryer, already known for its exceptional performance, is dressed again with a livery inspired by the regal protagonists of the Disney classics. The main color of the hairdryer is an elegant purple, while the handle is adorned with images of beloved Disney queens, making every styling session a fairytale experience.

Originally launched in May 2023, the H501 debuted on the market with an initial price of 279 yuan, before stabilizing at 249 yuan. Its compactness is one of its strong points, weighing only 345 grams, this technological jewel promises a comfortable and fatigue-free user experience, even during the longest periods of use.

Power is another area where the H501 shines, thanks to its 110.000 rpm high-speed brushless motor and seven extra-long air outlets that generate a Powerful airflow of 62 meters per second. This wind force is five times higher than that of Mijia's basic low-speed hair dryer, ensuring fast and efficient drying.

Furthermore, the Mijia H501 hair dryer is equipped with a high-speed drying technology and constant temperature of 57°C, which uses a more comfortable temperature and high-speed soft wind to dry your hair. This system not only reduces drying times but also protects the scalp and hair from drying at high temperatures, preserving their health and beauty.

The launch of this limited edition hairdryer is not only a tribute to Disney's aesthetics and narrative, but is also a testament to Xiaomi's commitment to combining advanced technology with exclusive design.

Pierpaolo Figuccia
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