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Xiaomi Mijia Expandable Suitcase is the new expandable suitcase

This morning the giant Xiaomi launched the new Mijia Expandable Suitcase on the Chinese market, a new expandable suitcase, available on e-commerce platforms such as This product is available in two sizes, 20 and 24 inches, with prices of 379 yuan (48 euros) and 479 yuan (60 euros) respectively. The suitcase is offered in two elegant colors: gray and blue.

Xiaomi Mijia Expandable Suitcase is the new expandable suitcase

Xiaomi Mijia Expandable Suitcase

One of the most distinctive features of the Mijia Expandable Suitcase is its expansion capability. Thanks to one 6,5cm ultra-wide expansion layer, the capacity of the suitcase can be increased by approximately 30%. For example, the 20-inch suitcase can expand to a capacity of approximately 52 liters, thus providing additional storage space for travelers.

The expansion of the space is made possible thanks to an innovation in the external structure and careful design of the interior. The outer handle and wheel base are designed to be recessed, reducing the distance between the suitcase shell and the ground. Additionally, the suitcase features a side internal strap for expansion and a small storage layer added to the center of the internal rod, thus improving space utilization.

The suitcase is made in PC material high quality supplied from Covestro, with a multi-layer composite structure that is resistant to pressure and difficult to break. The shell of the suitcase is integrated with metal powder technology, giving it a shiny, textured finish. The base of the suitcase is equipped with large diameter universal wheels, with an internal metal structure and a highly elastic and wear-resistant external material. The handle is made entirely of aluminum alloy and treated with anodizing technology for greater durability.

In addition to these features, the suitcase is equipped with a Internal TSA combination lock to ensure the safety of personal items. The top handle of the suitcase is recessed, allowing you to temporarily place items on it while waiting for transportation or to use the suitcase as a temporary workstation during business trips.

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