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Xiaomi Mijia Fan Lamp in crowdfunding: even the ceiling fan becomes smart

Xiaomi has just launched a crowdfunding campaign for an innovative product that promises to revolutionize the concept of home lighting: the Mijia Fan Lampa starting price of 549 yuan, about 70 euros at the exchange rate.

Xiaomi Mijia Fan Lamp in crowdfunding: even the ceiling fan becomes smart

Xiaomi Mijia Fan Lamp

Mijia lamp uses Custom full spectrum LEDs, which take the sunlight spectrum as a reference to simulate realistic lighting effects. This technology ensures a color rendering (Ra97) which guarantees true color reproduction, creating a comfortable and natural learning atmosphere, in line with classroom lighting standards.

The ventilation function of the Mijia Fan Lamp is also innovative. After simulating numerous "natural wind collections", four wind modes have been preset that reproduce outdoor scenarios: lake, golf greens, camping and cultivated terraces. These modes allow users to enjoy the freshness and comfort of nature directly at home. Furthermore, the device supports automatic airflow adjustment, always providing the most appropriate wind sensation for each scenario.

Xiaomi Mijia Fan Lamp

From a performance point of view, the Mijia fan lamp is equipped with a High performance DC motor with a rated power of 35W and an air flow that can reach 160m³/minute. Even in sleep mode, the power consumption for 8 hours of operation is only 0.081 yuan, with a level of minimum noise of 32dB (A) and a maximum airflow noise value contained within 54dB (A), thus ensuring a peaceful sleeping environment.

The Mijia Fan Lamp integrates seamlessly into the Xiaomi ecosystem thanks to HyperOS intelligent connectivity technology. This allows coordinated control with multiple terminals and includes a dedicated remote control, making the user's operating experience even more convenient. By connecting to the Mijia app, users can select the “wind sleep” mode, which automatically adjusts the air flow based on changes in body temperature between day and night, offering an even more attentive and personalized experience.

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