Xiaomi Mijia Band Gun now in crowdfunding for only 449 yuan (57 €)

In recent years, the gun band has become an indispensable product for relaxation and for those who train. The band gun can not only relieve fatigue after high-intensity exercise, but also relax muscles, reducing pain and speeding up recovery.

Xiaomi Mijia Band Gun now in crowdfunding for only 449 yuan (57 €)

Well, today the new Xiaomi Mijia Band Gun has been launched on the Xiaomi Youpin crowdfunding platform at a price of only 449 yuan (57 euros), while its retail price will be 499 yuan, on 63 euros at the current exchange rate ..

As mentioned previously, the Mijia Fascia Gun is recommended for those who exercise, to perform a deep massage on the muscles and reduce pain. At the same time, it can also improve muscle coordination, help slim body parts such as arms and legs, and promote muscle repair.

Of course, this product can also be used by anyone who wants to relieve muscle tension and fatigue caused by sedentary or high intensity office work.

The main feature of this fun range is the high speed brushless motor with a new noise reduction technology that produces only 45 dB.

This professional-grade brushless motor supports from a minimum of 1800 rpm, up to 3200 rpm, with a three-speed vibration mode adjustment (1800 rpm, 2400 rpm and 3200) and a notification in case of high pressure.

We can then use a built-in round massage head, flat massage head and cylindrical massage head to meet different usage needs.

In other respects, Mijia's band gun weighs only 856g, has a compact size of 47mm. While inside we find a built-in 2600 mAh lithium battery supported by a modern USB Type-C port (the reversible one). Finally, the autonomy settles at 12 hours when the pistol is fully loaded.

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1 March 2021 14: 05
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