Xiaomi Mijia Freezer 203L announced in China to start from 899 yuan (130 €)

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This morning the Chinese technology giant Xiaomi has officially kicked off reservations for a new product from the Mijia Ecological Chain, the Mijia Freezer 203L. The freezer will be priced at 899 yuan (130 euros) during the presale, while its list price will be 1099 yuan, up from 158 euros at current exchange rates.

Xiaomi Mijia Freezer 203L announced in China to start from 899 yuan (130 €)

According to official data, the freezer has four adjustable temperature controls for micro-freezing, freezing, quick freezing and refrigeration to meet the storage and safety needs of different foods.

At the same time, this freezer has a freezing power of 9kg / 12 hours, the lowest refrigeration temperature can reach minus 30 degrees centigrade, and adopts three-dimensional surround refrigeration design. According to official data, it is possible to freeze up to 36kg of meat in a single day, which is not a task poco.

In terms of space design, the freezer adopts a more conventional stepped design, with a theoretical storage space of 203 liters. This means that it can, for example, accommodate up to 170 slices of fresh ribs. At the same time, the freezer is equipped with a freestanding food basket, convenient for users to store some small volume food.

In other respects, the Xiaomi Mijia Freezer 203L adopts a removable door seal, convenient for users to clean; movable double casters are convenient for users to move the freezer if needed. At the same time, the freezer adopts a built-in hidden handle and a thermostat near the rotary knob.

Finally, the Xiaomi Mijia Freezer 203L adopts a closed back that hides all the components, for greater safety and decreasing the accumulation of dust. It also has a food preservation period of 100 hours in the event of a power failure.

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