Xiaomi Mijia MQXJQ01KL the lint remover you can't do without!

In fact I don't know how I did it before buying this amazing product, the Xiaomi Mijia MQXJQ01KL the amazing remove lint guaranteed Xiaomi!

Xiaomi Mijia MQXJQ01KL 90-Minute lint remover
🇪🇺Fast Shipping from Europe (No Customs)
10€ 24€
Xiaomi Mijia MQXJQ01KL

The product is really functional, very easy to use and clean. It charges like a smartphone (with a classic micro USB cable supplied) and is cleaned by removing the upper part where there are the holes from which the lint will be sucked (simply by unscrewing it) and the container part that is below (hooked in) .

Xiaomi Mijia MQXJQ01KL

For each thorough use it will be useful, as well as emptying the container, to clean the part where the fans that detach the lint reside because some will get stuck there. You will also find a brush that will facilitate this task.

Xiaomi Mijia MQXJQ01KL

But let's get to the focal point, how does it do its job? Well, nothing makes more than pictures. Here I now post an example of how he managed to fix a suit that, due to washing at the wrong temperature, was filled with an infinity of lint. All this with a single pass!

As you can see it is simply exceptional, if you think above all that this fantastic Xiaomi Mijia MQXJQ01KL you can take it home with poco more than 10 € and fast shipping included from Europe warehouse! So my personal advice is BUY IT and you will certainly be very satisfied!

♻️ Xiaomi Mijia MQXJQ01KL 90-Minute lint remover for € 10
📌 Buy https://xiaomi.today/3dSvp3f
🇪🇺Fast Shipping from Europe (No Customs)

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15 days ago

Very interesting price!

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