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Xiaomi Mijia Multifunctional Health Pot S2 released: 2-in-1 saucepan and kettle

Xiaomi has made another breakthrough in the kitchen appliances market with the launch of its latest product, the Mijia Multifunctional Health Pot S2, which promises to bring versatility and convenience into consumers' homes. This innovative “health” kettle has been launched in China and has already attracted attention for its features and price of only 149 yuan, about 20 euros at the current exchange rate.

Xiaomi Mijia Multifunctional Health Pot S2 released: 2-in-1 saucepan and kettle

Xiaomi Mijia Multifunctional Health Pot S2

The Mijia Health Pot S2 stands out for its capacity of 1.5 liters and for the integration of a intelligent thermostat hidden at the base of the kettle. This device, together with other heat protection sensors, constantly monitors the state of the heating plate, ensuring safety through automatic shutdown in case of lack of water or overheating, thus preventing the danger of dry burns.

One of the most praised features is the ability to set 11 heat retention levels, variables between 40 and 90°C. This temperature range allows you to prepare a variety of hot drinks and automatically start cooking thanks to one 12 hour long term booking. With an output of high power of 800w, the Mijia Health Pot S2 can adapt the necessary power according to different functional modes.

Xiaomi Mijia Multifunctional Health Pot S2

The kettle supports 8 preset modes which adjust to the appropriate time and heat for different ingredients, making it a versatile tool for boiling water, making tea, cooking delicacies such as noodles, as well as porridge, soup, milk and keeping food warm. The possibility of using the saucepan directly or in combination with a glass vase 400mL or a stainless steel tea strainer 316L further expands its applications.

The elegant and modern design of the Mijia Health Pot S2 integrates perfectly into any kitchen, while its intuitive interface makes it accessible even to the less tech-savvy. The ease of use, combined with its multifunctionality, makes it an ideal candidate for those looking to simplify cooking processes without sacrificing the quality or variety of meals.

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