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Xiaomi Mijia Portable Dental Rinser F400 released in China

Xiaomi, the Chinese technology giant, recently launched its Mijia Portable Dental Rinser F400, offering an advanced solution for daily oral hygiene, with an affordable price of 239 yuan (30 euros).

Xiaomi Mijia Portable Dental Rinser F400 released in China

The Mijia Portable Dental Rinser F400 is available in three colors: cloud white, mint green and coral pink, allowing users to choose based on their personal style. Each sprinkler is equipped with three nozzles, designed to meet different cleaning needs. There “Cloud Sensing Umbrella Teeth Brushing” technology it is one of the most innovative features of the product, with a central water jet that effectively cleans the interdental spaces and a circular water curtain that takes care of the gum triangle area. This system not only expands the cleaning area by 7 times, but also increases the softness of the jet by 40%, ensuring a deep yet gentle clean.

With 1.700 pulses of water flow per minute, the Mijia F400 is committed to reducing the load on the gums by removing up to 99% of dental plaque. The innovative voltage stabilization system ensures that the water pressure remains constant even when the battery is low, thus avoiding discomfort or bleeding gums. The 200mL water tank, easily detachable, eliminates the need for frequent charging, improving by 67% compared to the previous generation.

Xiaomi Mijia Portable Dental Rinser F400

The device supports four teeth cleaning modes: a gentle mode for beginners, a standard mode for daily cleaning after meals, a strong mode for stubborn residues and a massage mode for abnormal gum periods. This versatility makes it suitable for everyone, from novices to expert users, to those who wear orthodontic braces.

Battery life is another strong point of the Mijia F400. Once fully charged, It can last up to 100 days, reducing the need for frequent recharging. Made of food grade materials, this dental irrigator is not only effective, but also safe and hygienic.

The Xiaomi Mijia Portable Dental Rinser F400 is therefore an indispensable device for anyone who wants to maintain a healthy mouth and a shining smile at a very low cost.

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