Xiaomi Mijia Portable Juicer and HiPee ECG Reader now in crowdfunding

After a few days off from thelatest Xiaomi gadget presented in China, we come back today with two new products in the "health and wellness" category. We are talking about a new portable Mijia fruit centrifuge and an ECG (heptrocardiogram) reader produced by HiPee.

Let's start with the funniest gadget of the two, namely the Xiaomi Mijia Portable Juicer. As the word "juicer" suggests, it is a device for creating fresh fruit juices.

Xiaomi Mijia Portable Juicer and HiPee ECG Reader now in crowdfunding

Xiaomi Mijia Portable Juicer HiPee Smart ECG Reader

The Mijia Juicer adopts the typical look of the Xiaomi sub brand, that is a very minimal design in white color. The device consists of two components, the upper container in transparent plastic with a capacity of 350ml and a base with centrifuge with four blades and an engine that manages to reach high speeds.

Compared to other centrifuges on the market, the Mijia Portable Juicer is very compact and light, more or less the size of a thermos and therefore very portable. As if that were not enough, the appliance works even without being connected to the mains. In fact, we have an integrated 2000mAh battery that will allow us to create at least 15 juice glasses at maximum power. The 2000mAh battery can then be recharged in about two hours.

Xiaomi Mijia Portable Juicer HiPee Smart ECG Reader

In addition to being easy to use, the centrifuge is also easy to clean. Mijia has actually designed the product with a self-cleaning function. Simply insert water into the container, tighten the base and press the power button twice. At that point the centrifuge will start automatically and will work for 40 seconds, just long enough for cleaning.

The Xiaomi Mijia Portable Juicer is now in a crowdfunding campaign on the official website (Chinese) at 99 Yuan, or around 13 euros.

HiPee Smart ECG Reader

Now let's move on to the HiPee Smart ECG Reader, the reader for ECG monitoring, a decidedly essential device for those suffering from cardiovascular diseases. In fact, deaths from cardiovascular disease account for over 35% of deaths, higher than cancer and other diseases.

The strong point of the HiPee device is to be able to monitor the electrocardiogram at a medical level, by this we mean that it is very accurate, almost like the much more expensive devices that we find in hospitals. In any case, the HiPee Smart ECG Reader should only be used for a quick consultation if you do not have the possibility to leave the house, contacting the doctor in case of negative values ​​for professional feedback.

HiPee Smart ECG Reader

The device is very compact and light at only 33 grams of weight. It connects to the smartphone via Bluetooth connection and we only have one button for easy use. To measure the ECG, just press the two fingers on the device and wait for the result.

The HiPee Smart ECG Reader is now in the crowdfunding campaign on the official Xiaomi website for the price of 399 Yuan, around 32 euros.


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