Xiaomi Mijia Robot 2 official: data sheet and price

In addition to the various brands of the ecosystem Xiaomi specialized in the production of robot vacuum cleaners, including Roborock, Viomi, Roidmi and Dreame, even the same Chinese company itself produces products of this type under the MIjia brand. And just in these hours the new one is added to the catalog Xiaomi Mijia Robot 2, the successor to the 1 and 1S models launched in the past few years. Let's find out more details on the technical characteristics of this new robot vacuum cleaner and the introductory price.

Xiaomi Mijia Robot 2: technical sheet

The autonomous management of the home cleaning activity in the hands of Xiaomi Mijia Robot 2 is a lot of stuff. But what are the main technical characteristics of this device? First, the implementation of a LDS laser navigation system: through it, the robot is able to map the environment in which it is operated. In this way he can travel it without any problem.

The times are consequently optimized: cleaning takes place in the shortest possible time. Also worth mentioning are the ToF sensors that allow the robot to avoid obstacles on its way. The circular body and the soft colors present are a trademark of Xiaomi.

The suction power of Xiaomi Mijia Robot 2 is remarkable, well 2800 Pa (the improvement over the previous models is evident, since they stopped at 2000/2100). Also there vibration and ultrasonic broom has been updated, with its 10000 high frequency vibrations. Also excellent 99% anti-bacterial mop. There is also support for the XiaoAI voice assistant and the Xiaomi Smart Interconnection 2.0 smart platform, with which it is possible to quickly pair with the devices of the Chinese house.

Xiaomi Mijia Robot 2: price

We come to the launch price of Xiaomi MIjia Robot 2. The device will be made available first in China, and then presumably also arrive here in Europe, at the list price of 1599 yuan, or about 209 €.

Price updated on: 23 July 2021 10:54

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