Xiaomi Mijia Smart Rice Cooker 2 and Mijia Side-by-side Refrigerator 610L launched in China

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This afternoon, the Chinese technology giant Xiaomi has launched two new appliances in the Asian country, the Mijia Smart Rice Cooker 2 and the Mijia Side-by-side Refrigerator 610L; let's go and discover them together.

Xiaomi Mijia Smart Rice Cooker 2 and Mijia Side-by-side Refrigerator 610L launched in China

Let's start with the Mijia Smart Rice Cooker 2, a small rice cooker that can easily find space in any kitchen.

In terms of functionality, this rice cooker has added a one-button quick cook mode and a two-person rice cooker can get ready completed in just 28 minutes, which solves the problem of waiting for the traditional rice cooker to start cooking the rice. steam in an hour.

While improving cooking speed, this product uses a water-based coating and, under normal circumstances, steamed rice will not stick to the pot, which greatly reduces the effort of emptying it.

In other respects, in addition to cooking rice, this small rice cooker also supports the production of hot dishes, complementary foods and possesses a certain versatility.

Moreover, as a product launched by Xiaomi Mijia, it also supports smart link with the app. Then you can check the status of the rice cooker via your mobile phone and select recipes for cooking remotely.

The Mijia Smart Rice Cooker 2 will be sold in China at a price of 172, about 24 euros at the exchange rate.

Moving on to the Mijia Side-by-side Refrigerator 610L, this refrigerator is designed with first-rate dual-frequency energy efficiency of 0,99 kWh per day, is air-cooled without frost and has silver ion antibacterial function to eliminate any odor and always stay clean.

The refrigerator only produces 36 decibels of noise, so relatively low, has a 90-degree door opening, and can be connected to the Mijia app with support for Xiao AI's virtual assistant.

The Mijia Side-by-side Refrigerator 610L has, as the name suggests, a capacity of 610 liters, which includes a 227L freezer compartment and a 383L refrigerator compartment. There are a total of 20 shelves, plus 4 shelves for each door door.

In terms of materials, the door body is polished with 9 layers, has 4 temperature sensors, the compressor is guaranteed for 10 years, the LED lighting is soft and not dazzling, there is LED touch panel and 4 cooling modes .

The Xiaomi Mijia Side-by-side Refrigerator 610L will be sold in China at a price of 2799 yuan, around 390 euros.

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