Xiaomi Mijia Washing & Drying Machine Exclusive Edition 10kg presented in China

This morning Xiaomi released a new exclusive version of the Mijia Washing and Drying Machine 10kg. The Exclusive Edition will have a retail price of 3499 yuan in China, around 485 euros at current exchange rates.

Xiaomi Mijia Washing & Drying Machine Exclusive Edition 10kg presented in China

The new product features a colorful touch screen, which is clearer and easier to see. It also supports the smart release of detergents and fabric softeners, which can be added for 1 month at a time.

The exclusive version of the Xiaomi Mijia Washing and Drying Machine 10kg uses a 48-pole DD direct drive motor. The motor does not go through a belt drive and directly drives the corrugated plate of the washing machine and the inner cylinder through a bearing, thus a more stable and quiet system.

The washing machine has three functions of washing, drying and sterilization and is equipped with intelligent chips and algorithms to be able to control everything with precision and obtain a delicate wash at less than 90 degrees, so as to take care of the clothes. There are a total of 22 washing and drying procedures, including quick washing and drying in one hour.

After washing, the Xiaomi Mijia Washing and Drying Machine Exclusive Edition 10Kg also supports smart drying. Its built-in sensor can detect the temperature in the cylinder in real time to dry clothes at their best.

Furthermore, the exclusive version of the Xiaomi Mijia Washing Machine and Drying Machine 10kg has been certified by the authoritative Chinese institute for wool washing. After the wool fabric has been cleaned, it will have restored its natural softness, for a delicate and comfortable feeling on the skin.

In terms of sterilization, we have a door seal design with antifungal and antibacterial material which is used to effectively prevent the growth of bacteria. At the same time, the unique silver ion sterilization design allows the clothes to achieve 99% sterilization rate.

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