XIAOMI Mijia WXCDJ01SWDK the electric mop that makes your life easier!

With the advent of robot vacuum cleaners and floor cleaners, the way of cleaning in our home has certainly changed. But if to vacuum many products they are really elevated to maximum performance, as far as washing is concerned, the same performances cannot be achieved. And the product that I will tell you today will be perfect to combine with a good robot vacuum cleaner to perfectly wash your floor, here is the electric mop XIAOMI Mijia WXCDJ01SWDK!

XIAOMI Mijia WXCDJ01SWDK electric mop
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The product will be delivered to you with excellent packaging, a box that will contain everything without the possibility of being damaged (net of killer couriers ..). In fact, every part of our mop will be protected individually. Assembly is really easy and takes just a few minutes. But let's see how!

Inside the box we find the 3 parts separated by further cardboard, the central machine body, the charging base and the 3 segments that connected will form the handle of our XIAOMI Mijia WXCDJ01SWDK. The charging base requires an adapter from the Chinese to the Italian socket (it will be sent to you but my advice is to buy one from Vimar which you will find for about € 2 in any DIY chain), everything else is ready to go. use.

Assembly consists of inserting the handle tube into the machine body and the other two parts of the tube to the one below. Impossible to go wrong for a matter of hooks, the last one at the top will obviously be the end part of the handle where you will also find the buttons of the two essential controls: on / off and water spray.

Once assembled, you can connect the charging base to the electricity and place our mop by matching the connectors on the back. This will start charging, indicated by a flashing LED. When the LED stays on, it will be 100% charged. During use it will turn yellow to warn you that it needs to be recharged.

At this point we are ready to use, just attach the supplied cloths, add the water using the special dispenser (remove the oval cap placed just under the LED) and turn on the mop. In the final part of the handle, the one we hold in our hand, we will have the two control buttons that will allow us to turn on / off and spray the water. To turn off, you just need to put the handle in a vertical position (like the one you see in the photo above). Here, this option does not drive me crazy, as in the movement while you clean it will happen to straighten it but without the intention of turning it off and obviously it will turn off. Poco bad, the power button is responsive .. but I wish it had been the only way to turn it off. The two aforementioned keys are powered by a small battery that you can find by removing the cap on top of the handle. Just unhook it and extract the guide that contains the battery.

The cloths supplied are 10 single and one double with special fringes to capture dirt. The single ones are suitable for moderately soiled floors, while the other for heavily soiled floors. The single ones are "disposable" but no one forbids you to wash and reuse them. After a couple of washes I have not noticed a deterioration that made me incline to throw them away.


But the classic question is: how does our XIAOMI Mijia WXCDJ01SWDK mop work? With 1000 vibrations per minute (back and forth) of the devices on which, through a sort of velcro, our cloths are attached.

Without your realizing it during the wash, there will also be a good pressure on the floor that will help remove even the most persistent stains. Of course, in addition to the water, you can also add a little detergent to the vschetta, which contains 230ml. Another absolutely fundamental feature is the LED light that we find on the front and will illuminate the floor very well, so as not to neglect even 1cm.

Then you just need to pass on the floor and spray a little water through the nebulizer in front of the mop. The quantity must not be excessive, in fact a single "dose" will allow you to wash a fair surface and in this way in poco weather will be dry. Here is a small demo video

The extraordinary thing is that the effort in passing our Xiaomi mop will be almost zero and the level of cleaning really TOP.

So I can only fully promote this device that thanks to GOOD BANG (which we also thank for sending the sample) you can buy at a really interesting price, shipped from Europe warehouse to have it in a few days without the risk of annoying customs taxes.

✨XIAOMI Mijia WXCDJ01SWDK electric mop for 146 €
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