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Xiaomi MiLM registered: the new LLM will be used on cars and much more

Xiaomi recently made an announcement that marks an important step in the field of artificial intelligence: the MiLM large language model successfully passed the registration. This milestone paves the way for the integration of MiLM into a wide range of Xiaomi products, including cars, smartphones and smart home devices, promising significantly improved AI at the individual device level and smoother collaboration between devices different.

Xiaomi MiLM registered: the new LLM will be used on cars and much more

Xiaomi MiLM

The team behind Xiaomi's language model was formed in April last year and has worked intensively to balance effect, efficiency and costs of use. After considering various factors, including software and hardware integration and ecosystem, the team settled on a direction focused on “lightness and local deployment“, decentralizing the capabilities of the large model towards the terminal side. This approach not only effectively protects user privacy, but also offers the ability to tailor local customizations for thousands of people.

With more than a year of development and refinement, Xiaomi's language model has given rise to a matrix of models that includes different dimensions and parameter configurations. These models are not only implemented in consumer products through the Xiaomi operating system HyperOS and the intelligent assistant Xiao Ai, but are also made open source within the group to enhance all aspects of production, sales, customer service and employee work efficiency.

hyperos logo during the official presentation

As an advanced artificial intelligence technology, Xiaomi's large language model has enormous potential and prospects. Using a “lightweight and local deployment” approach, Xiaomi made a significant breakthrough: In August last year, Xiaomi's self-developed device-side model, with 1,3 billion parameters, ran smoothly on smartphones, showing scenic effects comparable to those of the large cloud model. This innovation made its appearance at the monthly press conference of the same month.

Subsequently, at the 2023 Qualcomm Snapdragon Summit, Xiaomi presented another technological advancement of its terminal-side model: on the new Qualcomm Snapdragon 8 Gen 3 terminal, the large language model developed independently by Xiaomi, with 6 billion parameters, is was performed based on the NPU, achieving industry-leading levels in several key indicators such as first word response speed and generation speed. These developments not only strengthen Xiaomi's position as a leader in AI innovation, but also promise to transform user experience across the Xiaomi product ecosystem.

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