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Xiaomi MiPad, in Italy thanks to

The next 1 ° July Xiaomi will begin officially the sale in China of his Xiaomi MiPad (probably only in version 16GB). Before seeing it in Italy we probably have to wait longer, but quiet will come ...thanks to!

The Xiaomi MiPad is the tablet that everyone, or almost, we are waiting for. Many of us have never bought a tablet in their life and just wait for Xiaomi to market their own to buy one. As we have already informed you in the last few weeks, after the beta phase has ended, Lei Jun's company has finally decided to start the distribution. Xiaomi MiPad is the first tablet made Xiaomi and is equipped with Retina Display from 7.95 inches with resolution 2048 x 1536 pixels, processor quad-core Nvidia Tegra K1 by 2.2 Ghz, 2GB RAM, storage space from 16 / 32GB extensible with slot for SDcard up to 128GB, cameras from 5 and 8 mega-pixels, battery by 6700 mAh, WiFi 802.11 a / ce Bluetooth 4.0. A performer that many of us do not want to run the risk of getting lost!

Xiaomi MiPad

In China, the launch price is set at 1499 Yuan, that is approximately EUR 177 at the current exchange rate. Obviously the price on foreign markets will hardly be this, as e-stores as well and others buying from China are charged with paying shipping, customs, duties etc. Knowing the work, however, we know that, in spite of everything, the price practiced by it will still be very competitive.

We would like to remind you that offers Italian 24 warranty and shipping directly from Italy with 24 maximum 72 hours.

A launch in China is missing exactly 4 days. Which one of you is giving us a little thought? 



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