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Xiaomi MiPad: Our First Impressions

Boys, for a long time, I did not feel the anxiety of receiving a home-like package like yesterday's awaiting Xiaomi MiPad.
Has the wait been repaid?


Similar feelings, I still remember, I felt waiting and holding one for the first time Xiaomi Mi2S.
Il Mi2S it was my first love, the device that gave way to the experience in that "far" May 2013.


Now we are here, with our first tablet labeled "MI"(Brand for the international distribution of devices Xiaomi).
The parcel, as usual, went to retire it to the store of the freelance courier at Smartylife.
What do I tell you to do ... I opened the package with my teeth in the car, I did not even come home that I had this 8 thumbnail inches lit and running in my hands.


First impressions: VERY GOOD!

As a personal tablet, until yesterday, I used a great one iFive 3 mini with aluminum body. The first difference I noticed is in weight. The MiPad is slightly heavier. Probably this also because of the larger battery and the absence (sin) of aluminum.

For a certain effect see the logo MI.COM appear on a tablet's display.
Maybe it will be nostalgia, maybe it will be the real resemblance, but you have the impression of having a big Mi2S in your hands. The same design, it looks like a Mi2S crushed with the press (also because it's thinner).

MIUI super fluid! But this tablet gives the impression of having incredible potential not yet exploited.

Formidable display, MiPad's retina display is a real show.

But the real thing is the BACKLIT PHYSICAL KEYS.
With the iFive 3 mini (without physical keys) I had crises every time I had to go back to the HOME or activate the task manager or just lower and increase the volume.
With the MiPad you have everything at hand and, most importantly, the buttons do NOT occupy space on the display. (I viscerally hate the display keys).


I come home and I'm kidding with the installation of the last one ROM MIUI Multilanguage available.

Here a couple of notes:

1. The "UPDATER" application has been removed. A menu item has been added to check for updates, but it does not let you choose the update package. Solution? rename the ROM file to "" and flash the multilanguage with the MiRecovery (soon a guide).

2. IT IS NOT THE ITALIAN !!! Well, in Italian Multilanguage ROM there is not yet.
I heard our beloved by phone Meat (MIUI.IT) and he assured me that the translation TEAM is working hard and we will see a semi-final translation by the end of July. (I also proposed myself as a Betatester ... let's see if he accepts .. :) )

Another not very positive note: There is no "PERMITTED" application to enable ROOT permissions. It would have been useful for me to install MoreLocale 2 and translate at least the downloaded applications into Italian. Poco bad, I will proceed to the manual root as soon as I have a moment of time. (a guide will also be made of this)

After a bit 'of misconceptions between ROM and applications we move on to:

How powerful is this MiPad?

Do a couple of cycles up Antutu and 3DMark as required by many of you.

Unfortunately I did not reach (at first start) the 40.000 points but we can settle for 38.963Do not you think so?


3DMark I had never used it, but one 24491 points I do not feel bad as Mi3 has made me 18631 points.


Touchscreen: The Xiaomi MiPad is the first tablet that gives me feelings of touch (so-called feedback)iPad (do not lick me) as at the time the first smartphone that gave me the feel of the iPhone was just the Mi2S.

Considering the incredible success of Mi2S, I can only hope that it Xiaomi MiPad will have the same success as the little brother.

I am stressing you a lot and for days I will do one video review with all the trimmings.

What do you think?

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Simone Rodriguez
Simone Rodriguez

Blogger, but above all passionate about technology. I am part of a generation that has passed from the cathode ray tube to smartphones, making me witness to an unprecedented technological evolution. From 2012 I assiduously follow the Xiaomi brand that with the conveyance of various projects led me to realize, the home of all the Italian Xiaomisti. Write me: [email protected]


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