MIT Technology Review: Xiaomi enters the top "50 Smartest Companies"

At the EmTech China 2020 Global Emerging Technology Summit held yesterday in China, MIT Technology Review magazine published the annual list of the "50 Smartest Companies" (ie the 50 smartest companies), with our brand, Xiaomi, which made the his entry on the list for the first time. So a sort of recognition for the technological innovation brought by Xiaomi in recent years.

MIT Technology Review: Xiaomi enters the top "50 Smartest Companies"

MIT Technology Review: Xiaomi enters the top "50 Smartest Companies"

The MIT Technology Review magazine also communicated the specific reason why Xiaomi entered the top 50: the completely autonomous Smart Factory with a production that is never interrupted and produces devices 24 hours a day. 92% of the smart factory was developed by Xiaomi and by companies in which the brand has invested. At present, Xiaomi has a number of core technologies developed in-house, including motherboard test system, shipping control platform, automatic calibration visual algorithm, measurement system, parallel software system and intelligent control center. .

The Xiaomi Smart Factory is located in Yizhuang, Beijing, with the first phase of production currently underway. It is a factory not only "without lights" with a fully automated production line capable of producing one million high-end smartphones per year, but also sees new technologies, new production materials and an experimental basis for research. and the development of automated equipment and production lines. At the moment the factory produces the latest Xiaomi Mi 10 Extreme Commemorative Edition (also known as Mi 10 Ultra).

MIT Technology Review: Xiaomi enters the top "50 Smartest Companies"

The co-founder and president of Xiaomi, Lei Jun, released a statement after receiving the news:

To help our foundries further improve efficiency and provide manufacturing transformation and enhancement solutions in China, three years ago we were determined to take root in the manufacturing industry. Finally earlier this year, our experimental factory was officially completed. Today, it is the highest-end smartphone production line in China. Aside from loading and unloading goods, this production line is a completely unmanned “factory without lights”.

In such an experimental factory, our efficiency is 25% higher than the most advanced factory in the industry. Behind the fact that Xiaomi has a factory with the standards of a laboratory is the work of the company's research and development team. To build this factory, Xiaomi invested in 110 smart equipment companies over three years. The second phase of the Xiaomi smart factory is also being planned, which is expected to increase efficiency by 100% and the annual production capacity will reach 10 million units.

Xiaomi has always adhered to a model of continuous exploration oriented towards technology and large investments in advanced technologies. At the end of June 2020, Xiaomi has authorized more than 16.000 patents worldwide and more than 3.200 patents related to the 5G standard.

Take the camera department as an example. Since 2016 Xiaomi has made significant progress in the hard-core technology represented by the cameras. Now, the Xiaomi Camera Department has a team of nearly 1.000 people and has established research and development centers in nine locations including Beijing, Tokyo, Paris and San Diego, and has invited more than 40 world leaders in the field to join together to create the best photographic sector in the world.

As for the entry in the MIT Technology Review list, this is not the first time that Xiaomi has been recognized by an international authority. In fact, since its inception, Xiaomi has repeatedly appeared on TOP lists released by many well-known organizations, including Fortune Fortune, FastCompany, BCG Boston Consulting, ClarivateAnalytics Derwent, and Interbrand by virtue of innovation, brand value and revenue.

MIT Technology Review: Xiaomi enters the top "50 Smartest Companies"

Just last month, CCTV News Network released a two-minute interview with me and executives from the Xiaomi Group, mentioning the progress of our smart factory and Xiaomi smartphones in terms of camera, charging and screen. We are therefore recognized for our innovation, research and technological development both abroad and at home.

Finally, Lei Jun reminds us that Xiaomi's investment in research and development has exceeded RMB 10 billion (1.3 billion euros) this year. While in 2021, the brand is ready to hire another 5000 engineers.

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