Mitu Watch 5X official: children's smartwatch with dual cameras

A new children's learning smartwatch was officially released in China today under the name of Mitu Watch 5X. The features that include an updated positioning system, support for WeChat for children and dual high definition cameras. The product will be launched at a price of 599 yuan (78 €), although it will be available in presale at 579 yuan (75 €).

Mitu Watch 5X official: children's smartwatch with dual cameras

Returning to the specs, the Mitu Watch 5X improved the 12-level positioning system and added 3D plane positioning. In combination with dynamic positioning recording, it can identify the floor the child is in and thus lead to precise positioning in every situation.

Mitu's Watch 5X is also equipped with a 1,52-inch retina screen, with a resolution of 360x 400 and a pixel density (PPI) of over 355, making the visual effect more delicate. We also have a Corning Gorilla Glass III glass cover, with the surface hardness reaching 7H, making the touch screen more scratch resistant.

The smartwatch supports Netcom 4G networks in China, has a built-in 8MP side camera and a 5MP front camera. The front camera is used for video calls and to see the baby, while the side camera is used to see the surrounding environment. In addition, the 8MP camera adopts auto focus, with built-in high-precision 3-axis gyro sensor, which can support video shooting with EIS electronic image stabilization.

The Mitu Watch 5X also supports the WeChat app for children, so you can add friends, send messages, and make audio and video calls with between a smartphone with WeChat and a children's smartwatch with WeChat. There is also the QQ function for kids always to add friends, chat and video call.

Finally, in terms of battery life, the large 900mAh built-in battery brings a standby time of 6 days, standard use of 3-4 days and heavy use 1-2 days.

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