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Xiaomi MiTv, hands-on and first impressions

With the same pleasure with which we announced the birth of, we now present the 'Hands-On with lots of first impressions of Xiaomi MiTv by Eduardo, author of our twin website Enjoy it all!

Xiaomi has from poco presented to the world his new Xiaomi MiTv 2 but the first, the one available on the market, has reached the European coasts only a few days ago.

Reviewing a television is not exactly like reviewing a smartphone or tablet, basically for two reasons:
- the size obviously;
- the difficult availability outside of China.
However, given the growing popularity and high demand for Xiaomi products also in Europe, it is possible from these days to buy MiTv with retailers such as PowerPlanetOnline (Spanish retailer who has shipped Mi Tv to Eduardo).

As he had anticipated in the first video, Eduardo this time was not in the condition of making a classic video "unboxing"(In effect what sense would it take to remove a device from almost a 50 from a box?) And then went straight to making a video showing television in its physicality, its design and especially its graphic interface. Full Review will arrive in the coming weeks, but it will still be hard and will require a great job as the available language is only Chinese.

Xiaomi MiTv - Hands-On video (loading ...)

Xiaomi MiTv - The Specifications

Xiaomi Mi Tv

Producer Xiaomi
Model We Tv
Launch date Already on the market
Dimensions: 47 inches
Resolution 1920 × 1080
Other Brightness ≥ 270nbit
Contrast 1400: 1 Ratio1000 ~
Operating system MIUI TV (Google CTS certified for Android 4.1)
chipset Qualcomm
CPU quad-core from 1,7 Ghz Snapdragon 600
GPU Adreno 320
Other - Bluetooth - Dolby Digital Plus, DTS - Polaryzed 3D support
- Wifi 2.4 Ghz / 5 Ghz - Miracast, WIDI
- MIMO support 300Mbps - AirPlay ™ and DLNA (image, audio, video)
posteriore -
Front -
Specifications -
Video -
Internal 8GB
SD Cards -
dual Sim -
3G -
Dimensions: 106.5 x 65 x 2 cm (4.8cm in the middle at the back)
Weight : 23 Kg
Candle Dyes different colors
Price -
Where to buy -

Xiaomi MiTv - First impressions

Xiaomi Mi Tv

The quality of this smart TV is amazing, not only in the quality of the materials it uses, but also in the attention to details of its graphical interface. Like all Xiaomi products, it combines the low-cost / content-to-device-style price that could cost double or triple. Certainly the fact that the UI is in Chinese is a negative factor for a European or worldwide user, and not only are some features implemented exclusively for the Chinese market: Mi TV supports the Chinese DTMB digital broadcasting system rather than the European DVB-T.

We Tv

As already mentioned, we like the personalized interface of Xiaomi Mi Tv, it's easy to manage, clean and schematic enough. The system is really fast, but this is not so unexpected about something unseen RAM from 2GB e Qualcomm Snapdragon 600 processor. Although it's all in Chinese, we will work hard to show you how much more we can find out.


The Xiaomi Mi Tv is a beautiful smart TV but the fact that it is still a product designed and made for the Chinese market is obvious. That said, though, if you've taken it with the Root (having watched our video to run the Mi Tv root) you can install apps, games and other features.

The review will come out not long, open eyes!



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