Xiaomi - earthquake: 2 to 0. MIUI 11 earthquake alert warns in advance once again | VIDEO

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We are not strangers to this type of news: the earthquake alert on MIUI 11 it is a subject that we have already discussed since this summer. We told you, in that of August, how the function to help users a "Predict" an earthquake was going to be implemented on MIUI 11. Later we had a trial of its operation days ago, but on one We TV 5. Today we close the circle because we have a second test of the functioning of this feature right on the operating system of a smartphone Xiaomi. The story was announced by a loyal brand that posted photos and videos on the Weibo social networkMIUI 11 earthquake alert.

Xiaomi - earthquake: 2 to 0. The MIUI 11 earthquake alert warns once again

The story took place in Sichuan also this time, an area of ​​very high seismic risk. THE'Chinese Seismological Agency has experienced a strong earthquake of 4.7 magnitude on the Richter scale. Some Weibo users have claimed that the earthquake warning built into the MIUI 11 operating system has been successful in the timely warning of earthquake information. In the video below we see clearly how the application countdown

foresee the shock and how, among other things, the Xiaomi IoT plant is efficient in communicating this alert. At the end of the article you will find the photo of the mobile device.

In particular, the pop-up notice that we already know was done with well 13 seconds in advance. As we know, this warning before the actual shock is proper is due to the principle of early warning EEW (Earthquake Early Warning). This system detects the faster wave speed resulting from the shock and warns of the application of our devices before the most damaging waves arrive where we are. Recall that qhis function was jointly developed by Xiaomi and dal Chengdu High-Tech Disaster Reduction Institute. The interface of the earthquake warning integrated in the MIUI 11 provides a lot of information and not just the magnitude of the shock and the time it takes us to arrive. Among the many there are theepicenter, the magnitude of the earthquake, theintensity estimated and many others.

miui 11 earthquake alert

Source: Weibo

In days like today we would also need similar technologies.


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