MIUI greatly enhances the natural disaster warning system

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And from MIUI 11 that Xiaomi has introduced a revolutionary and very useful alert system on its smartphones. We have been talking about it since 2019 and to date it has helped hundreds of Chinese families save themselves minutes early in case of earthquakes. News of a few weeks ago is that concerning the implementation of the alarm system also on other smartphones and not only on the top of the range. Recall that even the Smart TV by Xiaomi they are equipped with the same technology. Well, this one made a not indifferent level up. Let's see the details.

Xiaomi's MIUI not only warns when there are earthquakes coming, but also others natural disasters like heat bombs. Here are the details

According to Chinese media, the MIUI from Xiaomi in Chinese version has received many improvements in recent days precisely with regard to the alert of natural disasters. In a way the developer team has enhanced the alarm system extending it to other dangerous scenarios as well. But this is not the only novelty. The images that we find below are examples and are translated for convenience thanks to the automatic translator.

As we can see on the left, the system also warns in case of temperature increase. This is the beta version of the update that will soon arrive on MIUI. At the top left we find the type of alarm, recognizable by a color and the area where the danger was detected, therefore a meteorological center or an observatory. At the center are the main data: the affected area e the level of danger of the natural phenomenon. At the bottom instead, follow some explanations general that can be used by the user.

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Other innovations that are about to be introduced are:

  • SOS for help: in a similar way to how we turn on the flashlight or turn off the smartphone, by pressing the power button of the device 5 times we will be able to call the emergency number. This will communicate our position
  • weather radar: thanks to this function it will be possible to see in real time where the typhoon (for example) is moving and in this way it will be easier to create an action plan to avoid any danger
  • extreme power saving mode: in case of emergency, maintaining good ownership is essential and with this option we will extend the battery life to the maximum possible, so that if we are in difficulty, we can use the smartphone for longer

Clearly all these options will be available in a short time on the MIUI in Chinese version but considering the fuss that has arisen against Xiaomi, it is not certain that such news will not arrive to us in a more or less short future. A tool of this type is very useful and necessary in moments like the one that a part of China is going through at the moment.

We remember in fact that in the area of Henan, a few days ago, a real nightmare for the citizens began. The water fell in a few hours and usually falls over several years. Perhaps, if this tool were strengthened even more, such disasters (we are talking about deaths, not harm to people) could be averted in time. In this regard it is right to remember that Xiaomi is doing a lot for European countries that, at the same time, are experiencing a similar problem: the Germany, the Countries Low and Belgium they too are affected by an unprecedented flood that destroyed homes and killed several people.

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