Xiaomi MIX 3 5G: Officially presented!

Today, in the dedicated event Xiami of Barcelona waiting for MWC everyone expected the European launch of the Xiaomi Mi9. But the initial part of the presentation was dedicated to another highly anticipated device: the MIX 3 5G!

Lo Xiaomi Mix 3 we know it well. The MIX series of xiaomi was born to make people discuss and even this time they managed to amaze us with the first 5G device of the family.

Il new Xiaomi Mix 3, in addition to the form Qualcomm's X50 5G it has been enhanced and improved.
We find the most performing Qualcomm Snapdragon 855 processor that we have already known in the presentation of the Xiaomi Mi9 which guarantees superlative performances.

The battery (true sore point of the previous model) has been upgraded to a well 3800mah of capacity


What to say, if before we had doubts about the MIX3, now the device is a must have.

Ah ... but the price?

"Suns" 599 € that, if they are not few for a Xiaomi device, I am very close to one of the first smartphones with 5G technology

Many telephone operators have already grabbed the device and soon we will see it in some subscription. Among Italian operators stand out THREE, VODAFONE e TIM.

What do you think of this Xiaomi 3 Mix with 5G technology?

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Always passionate about technology, I was literally kidnapped by all that is put in china once discovered the Xiaomi world. Since then I have seen them cooked and raw but the passion has never passed.

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1 year ago

As operadoras claro and oi funcionam neste aparelho?

1 year ago

Gostaria de saber if aceita as operadoras Oi and Claro?

Frodo46 (Frodo46)
Frodo46 (Frodo46)
1 year ago

found my perfect phone

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