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Xiaomi MIX Flip certified on 3C: fast charging confirmed

Recently, a new Xiaomi smartphone model, identified with the code 2405CPX3DC, obtained the 3C certification. This device is expected to be 's first vertical folding phone Xiaomi, Named MIX Flip. While it hasn't been officially announced yet, some key specifications and suspicious images of the device have been leaked by inside sources.

Xiaomi MIX Flip certified on 3C: fast charging confirmed

Xiaomi MIX Flip

As mentioned above, the MIX Flip has passed 3C certification, revealing support for one quick charge from 67W. This feature promises to drastically reduce waiting times for users.

But the real news is the design: the MIX Flip will be Xiaomi's first vertical folding phone. The leaked images show a device sporting a dual camera module with dual flash, embellished with the Leica brand. This detail is not only a hallmark of quality, but also a promise of exceptional photographic performance.

Below the camera module, there is a large secondary display, significantly larger than those found on current vertical folding phones. This secondary screen is not just an aesthetic element, but is expected to introduce new features and interactions, expanding compatibility with a wide range of third-party software.

Xiaomi MIX Flip

As far as technical specifications go, the MIX Flip doesn't seem to disappoint. There main camera will be equipped with a Light Hunter 800 (OV50E) sensor 1/1.55 ​​inch and a 50 megapixel resolution, with support for OIS optical stabilization. In addition, there will be a OV60A telephoto lens with a 1/2.8 inch sensor and a unit pixel area of ​​0.61μm, which will allow a 2x optical zoom.

Other notable features include a battery 4900mAh a 32 megapixel selfie camera OV32B, 1.5K custom foldable display and the last one Snapdragon 8 Gen3 chipset by Qualcomm. With these elements, the MIX Flip positions itself as a serious competitor for upcoming models like the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip6 and the recently released Huawei Pocket 2.

We await further details and official confirmation from Xiaomi to find out more about this exciting new device.

Pierpaolo Figuccia
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