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Xiaomi MIX Flip certified in China: it will be the company's first vertical foldable

Xiaomi is preparing to make the big leap into the vertical foldable smartphone market with its upcoming model, the Xiaomi MIX Flip. This device, which promises to be the company's first vertical folding flagship, recently received the certification from the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology of China, indicating that the launch may be close.

Xiaomi MIX Flip certified in China: it will be the company's first vertical foldable

Xiaomi MIX Flip

The MIX Flip is destined to become a point of reference in the sector thanks to its support for Tiantong satellite communication system. This feature is especially important in emergency situations, where a reliable connection is vital. Xiaomi offers this advanced technology in its flagship configuration, following the trend of high-end smartphones.

For those looking for a more accessible option, Xiaomi will offer a basic version of the MIX Flip that excludes the satellite communication system, thus allowing a reduction in price. This strategy allows users to choose the device that best suits their needs without compromising the overall experience.

One of the strong points of the next MIX Flip will be its internal screen, equipped with the technology “zero-sensing crease”. This innovation will make the screen crease less perceptible, ensuring smoother, more seamless viewing, a crucial factor for foldable smartphones.

Xiaomi MIX Flip

The design of the MIX Flip will include a dual-screen solution. A secondary display becomes visible when the phone is folded, showing notifications and other useful information, eliminating the need to open the phone for quick checks.

Additionally, the MIX Flip will utilize a Leica imaging system located above the secondary screen, arranged horizontally. This will not only improve the aesthetics of the device, but also promises to take photography in vertical foldable devices to new levels of excellence.

Then a Xiaomi is preparing to enter the foldable device market with a product that not only follows current technological trends, but anticipates them, offering innovative features that could define the future of smartphones. The certification in China is an important step towards the launch of the MIX Flip, so we can only wait with interest.

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