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Xiaomi Mix Flip is real: here are the photos that immortalize it, complete with battery capacity

The growing popularity of smartphone folding has pushed many companies to invest in this sector, and Xiaomi is no exception. The Chinese company, known for its innovative devices and excellent value for money, is preparing to launch Xiaomi Mix Flip, a device that promises to change the cards on the table in this sector being the first of the brand with this shape.

Xiaomi Mix Flip: real photos and battery capacity

According to what emerged, the Mix Flip, identified with the model number 2405CPX3DG, will be equipped with a generous battery from 4.700 mAh, a feature that sets it apart from most of its competitors. The only other foldable clamshell smartphone with a larger battery is the Honor Magic V Flip, which boasts a capacity of 4.800 mAh.

Xiaomi Mix Flip will support the 67W fast charging, a feature that had already been anticipated by its 3C certification in China in May. This combination of high-capacity battery and fast charging promises to offerexceptional autonomy, allowing users to use the device for long sessions without having to worry about running out of power. Below you will find photos of the device and its battery.

In addition to the battery, the Mix Flip will stand out for its high-level performance, thanks to the use of the powerful chipset Snapdragon 8 Gen3, the latest release from Qualcomm. This choice puts it one step ahead of its direct competitor, the Honor Magic V Flip, which instead uses the previous Snapdragon 8+ Gen 1.

Furthermore, rumors suggest that the Mix Flip will be available in different memory configurations, with options ranging from 12 GB of RAM e 256 GB of storage up to 16 GB of RAM e 1TB of storage, thus ensuring a wide choice to meet the needs of every user.

Another feature that sets the Mix Flip apart from its competitors is the width 4 inch external display, a rarity in the world of foldable clamshell smartphones. This secondary display will allow users to interact with the device without having to open it, making it more convenient to access notifications, manage calls and much more.

Furthermore, the Mix Flip will be theUnique foldable clamshell smartphone equipped with an external earphone, a design choice that could make a difference in terms of audio quality during calls. However, will give up a very interesting feature however expensive and unknown to most.

Gianluca Cobucci
Gianluca Cobucci

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10 days ago

But it's my Oppo N2 flip with a different name 🤦🏻‍♂️ I seem to see Apple releasing something old and passing it off as new... but what is it 😂