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Xiaomi MIX Flip: new details have leaked on the brand's first clamshell foldable

As we have known for several months, Xiaomi is preparing to revolutionize the smartphone market again with its first foldable clamshell, the MIX Flips. Well, today some new details about the device have been leaked thanks to the site Android Headlines.

Xiaomi MIX Flip: new details have leaked on the brand's first clamshell foldable

Xiaomi MIX Flip

The MIX Flip, whose development began in October last year, represents the latest frontier of Xiaomi's research in the field of foldable smartphones. After apparently abandoning the previous model, the Chinese company has resumed work on this new project with renewed enthusiasm. THE model numbers “2405CPX3DG / 2405CPX3DC” suggest that the official launch could take place between May and June 2024, a preview that has already attracted great interest.

The MIX Flip's camera specs are particularly intriguing. The device will feature a dual camera setup on the back – the main one being a 50MP Light Hunter 800 sensor, already appreciated on the Redmi K70 Pro, while the second is a 60MP Omnivision OV60A with 2X optical zoom capability. An interesting detail is the presence of a small screen just below the cameras, which will also allow them to be used as front cameras, an ingenious solution that offers new possibilities for self-portraits and video calls.

Xiaomi MIX Flip

But that is not all. The MIX Flip, also known by the code name “ruyi”, has been spotted in the Mi code, confirming the presence of the small screen on the back. The leaked information doesn't stop there: the resolution of the main screen has also been revealed. Unlike the Xiaomi 14 Pro and Redmi K70 Pro models, which boast a 2K resolution, the MIX Flip seems destined for a slightly lower resolution, approximately 1.5K. This data emerges from the pixel density set to "520", lower than the value of "560" of previous models.

These previews outline a rather promising picture for the MIX Flip. Xiaomi seems to aim for a balance between high performance and practical design, trying to offer an uncompromising user experience. If expectations are confirmed, the MIX Flip could consolidate Xiaomi's position in the foldable smartphone sector.

Pierpaolo Figuccia
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