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Xiaomi moves! 25 million dollars invested in iHealth Lab

Xiaomi has invested 25 million into the iHealth Lab, marking a new resemblance between the Chinese giant and the American Apple.

iHealth Lab is a company specializing in the research, development and implementation of smart technologies and devices for medical and health control. The goal of this company is to provide devices that allow people of all ages to monitor their physical condition in a simple and constant way by analyzing data on body weight, physical activity, blood pressure, calories, and much more. other.

Apple has already integrated into its system a health application that works with iHealth devices. Samsung has its own top-of-the-range heart rate monitor, albeit very critical. From this it is easy to understand how the demand of users of this kind of technology is ever greater.

Now that Xiaomi has invested in iHealth Lab, it's easy to think of a Xiaomi Mi5, or perhaps Mi6, which, in addition to running from smartphones and universal remote control, make couple with interesting devices of this type.

Are you interested in these devices and medical control technologies?


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Simone Rodriguez
Simone Rodriguez

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