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Xiaomi, in 2 half-year production will increase

- Xiaomi market goals for the future they are known. More precisely, quota was fixed 60 millions of devices in the 2014 and 100 for the following year; after 6 months, the budget is more than positive, the devices sold have reached the modest digit of 26.1 millions without counting Xiaomi Mi4 and MiPad! Meanwhile, for security, one of Xiaomi's major OEM companies has accelerated driving times!

Between 10 days we will finally see the launch of the new flagship Xiaomi Mi4. The hype is obviously concentrated there, in Beijing, behind the scenes but the company is literally doing the accounts to keep the sales volume up and to meet the seasonal objectives, the fateful 60 million devices. The aspects of logistics and marketing, however, are just two of the pieces of the puzzle that make up Xiaomi, the company is in fact kept up by a very efficient supply structure that is probably also one of the main key factors of the company. One of the biggest OEM-companies of XIaomi (the 30% of the products is produced by this subcontractor), the Chinese Nanjing IAC, will increase the production volume, to reveal it is the same Lei Jun with a tweet on our Weibo profile.



Three years ago Xiaomi and its partners made a solid and valid pact still valid today. Nanjing IAC to help us achieve our goals has implemented a new factory, a new research and development center and new technologies to increase both work and productivity.

If Xiaomi wants to complete its work, success will obviously also depend on the outcome of its suppliers. Nanjig IAC knows this and doesn't want to let the customer escape. Let's get ready guys, step by step Lei Jun & co. will climb the world rankings!



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Simone Rodriguez
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