Xiaomi News: 3 fast news on the most loved Chinese brand in the world Ed. 16 May 2018

Continue our section on 3 news on the Xiaomi brand. We will not make words, we will be quick and we will score as a sniper, but not for this the content is to be underestimated, so read carefully.

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Xiaomi also conquers Indonesia and is the second national brand

Xiaomi from simple strartup born 8 years ago has become a globally recognized brand, and that from the week to the week it reaps the fruits of success. In fact after becoming the number one brand in India, ousting the scepter the most famous Samsung, now is preparing to conquer even Indonesia where ranking in second place in the Q1 1028. It should be noted that the growth compared to the same period of the previous year was the 1455% with a market share of 18,3%. The data was made public again by the well-known Canalys company, and Xiaomi's senior vice president, Wang Xiang promptly published on the company's various social profiles. Given the results obtained in the Indian market, Samsung will soon have to give the throne back to Xiaomi.


Xiaomi Mi 6C: new rendering reveals its design

Since the OEM of Lei Jun has presented the Mi 5C, smartphone expected in the scenario as it adopted the first proprietary processor, the Pinecone Surge S1, we have lost track and much less the rumors have devoted little attention to everything that gravitates around now. Only a few notices sometimes informed us about the developments, not so much of the Mi 5C model but of the fact that Xiaomi is working on a new proprietary SoC, the Surge S2. The autonomous processor seems like that will be equipped on a probable (but perhaps uncertain) Mi 6C, of which two renders of poor quality show us the design. Definitely traditional aspect on one side that seems to leave the form factor in 18: 9, as the convenience is incorporated home button with integrated impression sensor. On the back instead is confirmed the tendency of a double room that this time seems much better looking in terms of the body shell and placed horizontally and that will inherit the sensorism of the Mi 5X / Mi A1. As mentioned above, the 6C Mi will integrate the CPU Surge S2 that someone associates as a performance with the good Soc Qualcomm Snapdragon 660, while the RAM will be fixed to 4 GB with memory cuts from 32 and 64 GB. Among the news also stands out the NFC functionality, while the undeclared source of such rumors reveals that the release of Mi 6C could take place by the end of next month with base price of 999 yuan, equivalent to about 132 euros.

AnTuTu publishes the updated Top Performance ranking in April 2018

However controversial they may be, the benchmarks to date represent a term of comparison between smartphones which often convey the purchase of a user on one or the other terminal. Among the most famous tests we find those of AnTuTu which specifically has just published the ranking updated in April 2018, about the best 10 smartphones cataloged by performance, ie the score obtained from their benchmark. And we immediately notice the Xiaomi BlackShark in the highest position of the ranking that reaches a score of 272388 points. Merit undoubtedly the SoC Snapdragon 845 and well 8 GB of RAM even if the Samsung Galaxy S9 + powered by the same chipset is placed in second place with the share 263678 points while the standard variant is in third position. Although not included in the 3 top Xiaomi Mi Mix 2S dominates the rest of the ranking with 262789 points.

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