Xiaomi says goodbye to Android and switches to HarmonyOS in this video

Some time ago we dealt with a fake news regarding the probable abandonment of MIUI from Xiaomi. Earlier we talked about how the brand's smartphone operating system could switch from Android to HarmonyOS. At that moment we said that there was not enough evidence to confirm the change and indeed, CEO Lei Jun himself said that nothing like this was expected. However today, a video appears in which a smartphone Xiaomi is powered by HarmonyOS and not from Android.

Xiaomi will no longer have Android but HarmonyOS: this emerges from a video released today But will it all be true? Let's try to clarify

If it is true Xiaomi will say goodbye to Android to welcome HarmonyOS, this means big trouble for Google. But let's go step by step and see what happened from the beginning. After the collapse of the partnership between Huawei and Google, the Chinese tech giant has abandoned the use of Google Mobile Services (Google or GMS services) and apps like Play Store. He therefore decided to build your own architecture on a par with Android, or HarmonyOS (in China HongmengOS).

Huawei is currently leading the HarmonyOS developer beta test, which will later reach Huawei consumers with closed betas, followed by a stable release presumably in June. But the thing that interests us, and we get to the focal point, are the rumors that have been circulating for months according to which companies such as Xiaomi, Oppo, vivo and Meizu will use HarmonyOS

instead of Android.

Having said that, let's get to the heart of the matter. In the last few hours, a user posted a video on YouTube (via Huawei Central) showing one Redmi smartphone powered by HarmonyOS operating system.

As we know, the Xiaomi's MIUI is based on Android and comes with pre-installed Google apps for global users. Also on the start screen there is the logo "powered by android"Which clarifies the partnership between Xiaomi and Google. What does all this mean then? Why Xiaomi should switch to the other side? Now, there are two things:

  • there is a possibility that this happen in China and not in Europe: here the collaboration between Xiaomi and Google is too rooted and it is impossible for it to collapse like this, all of a sudden
  • the video is not that yet another fake and there will be no change

Personally I believe that the second is the most eligible option but I do not exclude the second a priori. As well as OnePlus has changed skins in China, passing from HydrogenOS to Oppo's ColorOS, everything is possible. But one thing is certain: the MIUI will not change and will remain the Android custom skin of Xiaomi smartphones, forever.

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