Goodbye Xiaomi Mi Note 10 (CC9 Pro): make room for the new that advances

It is not a clickbait title. You got it right: goodbye Xiaomi Mi Note 10 (aka CC9 Pro). Xiaomi's first mobile device with camera from 108 megapixel it was him and despite the criticisms related to his processor too underpowered than expected, he was very successful. Success that has been extremely positive both in China and in Europe given the amount of sales. However, at least in the first of the two countries, it was decided to remove it from the sale to make room for new devices. We are informed by the official brand account on Weibo. Details below.

Xiaomi Mi Note 10 will no longer be sold in China: it will make room for more performing devices from the photographic point of view

A few hours ago, on the official account of the well-known Chinese social network Weibo, the brand announced it stop the sale of the CC9 Pro which has the name of Xiaomi Mi Note 10. The reason explains it in the post that the company shared.

xiaomi note me 10 stop sales

As we can read, the device in question has been "delisted", and therefore removed from marketing, just today. With a big thank you to all users who have been able to appreciate the first 108 megapixel device, which has opened up a new world as regards photography on smartphones, the Note 10 says goodbye to the middle country. What is really interesting, however, is in the last part of the message, which explains the reason for this choice.

"A new era has arrived," says the brand, announcing news regarding the photographic sector of the new devices to come

. Maybe it's just a sentence made, but it usually doesn't work like this for Xiaomi: everything the brand says is never left to chance and the fact that he named the 100 megapixels and put the camera emoticon suggests that the company is with his hands in the dough of something big.

xiaomi notes me 10

We refer in particular to the application of a sensor that we have already talked about previously, namely the one from 150 megapixel. The sensor that will use the technology Nonacell (or 9 pixel in 1, unlike the Tetracell of the Mi Note 10) will certainly be used on high-end smartphones, to start, like Xiaomi Mi Mix 4. We can therefore hypothesize, always with caution, that the cost of the 108 megapixel HMX will decrease more and more, making it possible to integrate it also on medium or medium-high-end smartphones. For now it is speculation but the history of the brand tells us a lot: in fact, remember the 48 megapixel sensor that was initially put on Xiaomi Mi 9? Look now, it's on the middle range.

In any case, do not worry, there is still availability from us.

18 January 2021 6: 55
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18 January 2021 6: 55
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18 January 2021 6: 55
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Source | Weibo

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