Xiaomi anticipates three new "desktop flagships": among these also its first NUC

Today, Xiaomi Smart Ecology's official account on Weibo (China's Twitter) announced that it will launch three "desktop flagships" at 19:00 on December 1st.

Xiaomi anticipates three new "desktop flagships": among these also its first NUC

From what we can see from the official preview, these three products include a "transgenerational high-speed network", the "first high-performance desktop productivity tool", and an "unprecedented shocking sound". In other words, on December XNUMX, Xiaomi is expected to launch a new router, its first NUC and new speakers.

As can be seen from the images in the teaser, Xiaomi's first mini NUC has a relatively boxy, with rounded corners, similar to Apple's Mac Studio workstation.

Mac Studio - Apple

The specific configuration of the new product is unknown, but judging from the official slogan "high-performance desktop productivity", the mini host may be equipped with the 12th generation Intel Core processor.

At the same time, Xiaomi will release a new router. The flagship router currently being sold by Xiaomi is the AX9000, which has a built-in 6-core Qualcomm chip, has 12 high-gain antennas, and supports the improved Wi-Fi 6 version. If as we expect the new router will be fully updated, this means that the product could support the latest Wi-Fi 7 standard.

Xiaomi Mi Router AX9000

In addition, Xiaomi also released Xiaomi Sound high-fidelity smart speaker last year, which uses NdFeB full-frequency drive, which can bring ultra-low frequency of 70Hz, high sound pressure of 90dB, and a top mounted sound guide cone.

The new speaker that will be released this time could be Xiaomi Sound Pro, which should have many improvements in sound quality and smart connection. In any case, there are only a few days left for the official presentation in which we will discover all the details of the three products.

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