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Xiaomi, over an hour to sell 3.000 Mi3 in the Philippines!

Three days ago Xiaomi opened sales of the first batch of Xiaomi Mi3 for the Philippines, selling the first 3,000 units in poco more than an hour. This is the longest time ever for Xiaomi, whose launches in new markets are marked by sales lasting a few minutes, with Singapore's record of just 2 minutes.

Obviously, the time span of selling smartphones is indicated as 'slow' with sarcasm, as, as we all know, Xiaomi is one of the companies that is growing faster, invading many Asian markets.

Sales in the Philippines did not happen via the Xiaomi site itself, but through the Filipino partner Lazada. Hugo Barra said that choosing to entrust a business partner came from Xiaomi's intentions to offer its users many payment methods, including signage, which Xiaomi just arrived in this state could not yet offer.

The Facebook page of Xiaomi Philippines has informed users that the dates of the next marketing will be announced soon. Xiaomi continues to grow, i MiFans continue to grow. At the moment we are happy to buy the company's products through the various retailers, but as the company continues to expand, we wait patiently for the official arrival in the West.



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Simone Rodriguez
Simone Rodriguez

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