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Xiaomi launches its MIOS operating system? Watch out for fake news

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Always be wary of fake news. A few days ago we were "accused" of false information when we talked about the MIUI+Global. Fortunately we know what we are saying and as we have also written, although the feature has another name, the MIUI + features have really arrived on the Global ROM. But what about the Xiaomi operating system?

No, Xiaomi is not launching its MIOS operating system

Since yesterday, rumors have been spreading that Xiaomi is launching its own MIOS operating system for smartphones. Below we can even see the photograph, or rather the screenshot of the alleged logo. But before seeing why this isn't true, it's worth saying a few words about difference between operating system and android interface.

xiaomi operating system mios

What is the difference between the operating system and the Android interface like MIUI?

Il work operating for a smartphone, it is the basic software that manages all essential device functions, including hardware drivers, application control, memory management, security, connectivity, and more. For example, for Apple smartphones, the operating system is called iOS, while for Xiaomi smartphones, the operating system is Android.

The interface Android, on the other hand, is the level of software that the user interacts directly with the device, including the menus, icons, home screens, widgets, and other visible user interface features. The Android interface is customized by smartphone manufacturers according to their preferences and market needs. For example, Samsung uses its own interface called One UI, while Google, the creator of Android, uses an interface called pixel experience on their Pixel devices. Xiaomi, of course, uses the MIUI.

Is there an operating system from Xiaomi?

It was back in 2014 when MIOS was mentioned for the first time. The embryonic idea was to produce an all-round operating system. Obviously, it was a software product intended for China only. That project (existing or not) it never went through and to all intents and purposes Xiaomi did not produce an operating system. Today, someone has decided to fish out this news by not dealing with those who really know things. Indeed, the source who disclosed this image claimed that MIOS will be presented on November 5, 2022 referencing the build number of the update. Crazy stuff.

That said, the existence of a proprietary operating system from Xiaomi would not make sense. We already have MIUI, we already have Android (which by the way is open source and therefore open to everyone). What more do we want?

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