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Were you missing a Xiaomi photovoltaic panel? Not anymore and it's also Global

You will most likely hear of a panel solar of the brand: well, it doesn't exist (for now). The Chinese giant today presented a photovoltaic panel, which differs from solar by definition: the first is used to heat water while the second deliver the energy to electrical equipment or electricity at home. Having made this necessary clarification, let's look at the characteristics of the Xiaomi's first photovoltaic panel in the Global version.

Xiaomi Outdoor Solar Panel is the Global photovoltaic panel

Xiaomi's new photovoltaic panel, called Xiaomi Outdoor Camera Solar Panel, was recently presented on the official website. This device represents a significant step forward for theexclusive power supply for surveillance cameras from the brand's exterior.

The Xiaomi Outdoor Camera Solar Panel has a 5W charging power, obtained thanks to the use of monocrystalline silicon. This material is known for its high efficiency in converting solar energy into electrical energy. The panel connects to the cameras via a USB Type-C port, facilitating installation without the need for complex configurations. Furthermore, a cable of 3 meter extension offers the flexibility to position the panel in the most suitable spot to capture sunlight.

Xiaomi photovoltaic panel in the rain with camera connected

The most interesting feature of this solar panel is its ability to constantly power cameras. This allows you to significantly extend battery life, completely eliminating the need for a traditional electrical connection. Thanks to this innovation, the cameras can record video continuously, solving one of the main limitations of battery-powered cameras that only record when they detect movement.

The design of the Xiaomi panel was designed to resist bad weather. Certificate IP66, is completely dust- and water-tight, making it suitable for any type of external installation. This means that the panel can operate without problems even in adverse weather conditions, such as strong wind, heavy rain and dust.

Currently, Xiaomi's solar panel is only compatible with outdoor cameras BW300 e BW500 of the brand. However, Xiaomi plans to extend compatibility to other surveillance camera models and, in the future, even to smartphones. Even if the official selling price of the Xiaomi photovoltaic panel has not yet been announced, should be announced shortly with the arrival of the product on the market.

Gianluca Cobucci
Gianluca Cobucci

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