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Xiaomi imagines a hybrid smartphone between Oppo Find X and Galaxy A80

Patents Xiaomi regarding smartphones we have seen some and today's one is not surprising in comparison to the others. Remember that of the shaped device toilet paper roll? It was undoubtedly the most controversial idea of ​​the brand. Today, however, let's go and see another one patent, brought to us by the team of LetsGoDigital in color, showing a mechanism of "flipping" camera. But not like that of Zenfone 7 and 8, but like that of Samsung Galaxy A80. But with a hint of retractility in Oppo Find X style.

Xiaomi has thought of a smartphone with a camera similar to Samsung Galaxy A80: the rotating mechanism of the cam resembles that of the rival

On November 30, 2020, Xiaomi filed a design patent with the China National Intellectual Property Administration (CNIPA) for a smartphone with a retractable rotating camera module. The documentation was released today, May 14, 2021. At first glance, the smartphone appears to be a “Normal” camera device under the display: in fact, no hole or notch appears. However, looking at the back, you see an extension mechanism similar to that of the first Oppo Find X.

xiaomi patent with rotating and extendable camera
Source: LetsGoDigital

But of grace, how would this Xiaomi smartphone work? When a user wants to take a selfie photo, the rear sliding mechanism lifts up revealing the sensor. Here they stay three cameras: a larger central one and two smaller lateral ones. The moment we have to take a selfie, the photo module It will literally “flip” going to rotate. This way the sensors will move forward. On the contrary, we could take "normal" photos.

xiaomi patent with rotating and extendable camera
Source: LetsGoDigital

The Xiaomi smartphone similar to the Samsung Galaxy A80 it is not poor in frets: we find the volume rocker on the left, the power button on the right and at the bottom a third physical button. Logically this is for operate the extendable mechanism. Having no confirmation, we can only imagine it.

Gianluca Cobucci
Gianluca Cobucci

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