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Xiaomi Piston 4: price and specifications of new in-ear HD

One of the most successful products of Xiaomi, within the category of accessories, is the set of earphones called Piston which for a long time we have been evolving into a hugely sophisticated crescendo quality. They were presented today Xiaomi Piston 4, the latest effort by the Chinese giant in collaboration with 1MORE (, a Chinese company specializing in the production of quality audio devices such as headphones and earphones.


In reality this is not the first fruit of the collaboration between Xiaomi and 1MORE, the latter has indeed been one of the objectives of the great investment network that the Lei Jun brand has wisely operated in recent years, having invested (we do not know in as a measure) in 1MORE has made it possible to make a quantum leap in the production of high-quality earphones with an ever-increasing sound quality.


We were lucky to exchange some words with Luca Bignardi, a fellow sound professional with amazing experience and curriculum who in 1MORE has taken care of the optimization and audio tuning of this brand new product. Luca explained to us that Piston 4 is a 2-way headset, with a dynamic driver and a balanced armature. We have also had confirmation that the quality level of their construction is extraordinary, which also guarantees great resistance for intensive use of the product.


Here is a brief description of the Xiaomi Piston 4 product from the day 11 November only 99 RMB (around 15 EUR) a truly incredible figure for such a high quality level.


Typology: In-Ear
Remote control function: Yup
Color: Silver
Main cable material: Enameled copper wire
Speaker Impedance: 32Ω
Weight :: 14g
Cable length: 1.25m
Headphone sensitivity: 101dB
Jacks: 3.5mm gold coated
Potenza: 5mW
Implementation of Standards: GB / T 14471-2013
Frequency range: 20-20,000Hz

via | Xiaomi Fans Italia

Simone Rodriguez
Simone Rodriguez

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