Pocophone F2 and F2 Pro are coming, these would be the tests

Although more than a year has passed since the presentation of the Pocophone F1, the Xiaomi sub-brand that was born with the aim of creating real flagship-kill seems to have decided to slow down in this 2019.

In the past few months we have not seen any official news that would have made us think of a possible launch of the next Pocophone F2, but only rumors and leaks turned out to be untruthful. Today's indiscretion, if we want to call it that, comes instead from an “authoritative” source, we talk about the famous Spigen brand that as some of you will know it produces quality covers for smartphones.

Pocophone F2 and F2 Pro are coming, these would be the tests

Xiaomi Pocophone F2 F2 Pro

On the website of the accessories manufacturer we can in fact find different covers for the Xiaomi Pocophone F2, but as the shrewdest have already noticed, in the images we actually see Redmi K20 or Redmi K20 Pro, known in Italy as Mi 9T and Mi 9T Pro.

Does this mean that it's all a misunderstanding? Well, not really. As we said earlier, Spigen is a famous brand with an excellent reputation, so if you decided to include several Pocophone F2 covers in the database, the most likely hypothesis is that the terminal is coming with the exact same design as the Redmi K20 series / Xiaomi Mi 9T.

Xiaomi Pocophone F2 F2 Pro

In fact, the Pocophone F2 could re-use most of the Redmi K20 series hardware but with some tricks to make it even more economical. Alternatively, the sub-brand could decide to launch a version with Qualcomm Snapdragon 855 Plus, which is the most performing processor currently on the market, while maintaining the same prices as the Snapdragon 855 variant.

Finally, another theory is the one that gives the F2 Pocophone coming to other markets like the American one in which the predecessor Poco F1 was positively received. In any case, we just have to wait and see what we will find on board the next flagship-killer.

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-30% Pocophone F2 and F2 Pro are coming, these would be the tests

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