Xiaomi's IoT security policy is among the best in the world

Xiaomi it has often been criticized when it comes to security, specifically privacy. Last August we saw how the cameras of the brand have been awarded, instead. Furthermore, we remember how the MIUI has updated the antivirus definitions aboard smartphones. While some users may say the opposite, there are international sources who say otherwise. Today we are not talking strictly about smartphones, but about the IoT ecosystem. As we know, Xiaomi owns one of the largest ecosystems in the world and the IInternet of Things Security Foundation (IoTSF) rewarded him as one of the best in safety.

According to the Internet of Things Security Foundation, Xiaomi is among the best companies in the IoT field for security: maximum score reached!

Xiaomi participated in an event on a global scale, albeit virtual, last November 3 and 4. This was organized by the Internet od Things Security Foundation (acronym IoTSF) and took the name of IoTSF 2021. This is an event focused on the cybersecurity of the IoT. Xiaomi, which is the largest consumer AIoT platform in the world, has shared its ideas on IoT security. During the event, IoTSF released a relationship which proved that Xiaomi is among the best companies that implement vulnerability disclosure policies. This demonstrates, once again, the company's skills and capabilities in the IoT security industry.

Before seeing the "position" of Lei Jun's Chinese giant, a brief introduction on the IoTSF. IoTSF was founded in 2015 in response to growing threats to IoT applications. Has more than 100 members, including ARM, Cisco, BSI, Mastercard and (of course) Xiaomi. These are companies that have always been committed to finding ways to protect user safety in the IoT sector.

The IoTSF 2021 virtual conference was the seventh annual conference held by IoTSF. Delegates from various companies, institutions and organizations discussed IoT security issues, and shared the latest research and pioneering practices to build a secure, reliable and trustworthy IoT ecosystem.

xiaomi is one of the safest company in the world

Kevin Song, Xiaomi's Head of Security and Privacy Compliance, gave a presentation titled “IoT Security Compliance Framework Adoption Practice” at the conference. In his presentation, Kevin explained how Xiaomi built his IoT Security Compliance Framework using the highest industry standards, such as the IoTSF Compliance Framework and theETSI IN 303 645 which is one of the first global standards for IoT cybersecurity.

IoTSF released the Contemporary Use of Vulnerability Disclosure Report, which detailed all the disclosure policies of various technology companies. Xiaomi is in the "Green List", which means companies that not only meet the basic requirements, but they also meet the most stringent IoTSF tests. According to the report, there are 20 other companies from around the world that have successfully entered the Green List alongside Xiaomi, including Google, Microsoft, Siemens, Bosch, LG, and Panasonic.

John Moor, the co-founder and CEO of IoTSF, said:

Xiaomi is a good example of a responsible vendor answering that call and a good example of a company that takes security best practices seriously. Xiaomi has been active in demonstrating its commitments, for example by publishing a vulnerability disclosure policy since 2019 and being transparent in how its security team adheres to the principle of security at all stages of the product lifecycle. We are proud to have her as a member of the IoTSF and to show her leadership in the market

To conclude, we recall that theXiaomi Home app has obtained Kitemark certification for secure digital applications. For more information about the brand's security policies, we recommend reading all the data shown on the Xiaomi Trust Center.

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