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Xiaomi Power Bank 20.000mAh and Mijia Desk Lamp 2 Lite released in China

Xiaomi has just released two very useful economical products into the Chinese market, lo Xiaomi Power Bank 20.000mAh , Mijia Desk Lamp 2 Lite; let's go find out more!

Xiaomi Power Bank 20.000mAh and Mijia Desk Lamp 2 Lite released in China

Xiaomi Power Bank 20.000mAh Mijia Desk Lamp 2 Lite

Il 20.000mAh Xiaomi Power Bank, sold to price of 159 yuan (around 20 euros), is a portable charging solution that stands out for its capacity and efficiency. With two batteries of 10.000mAh each, with a nominal capacity of 12.000mAh, this power bank complies with aviation regulations and can be taken on board planes without problems. The presence of a intelligent identification chip allows the device to automatically adapt the current required by the various connected devices, ensuring optimal and safe charging.

One of the most appreciated features is the Bidirectional Type-C charging cable included, which eliminates the need to carry around additional cables. Furthermore, the power bank supports a maximum output power of 33W per port, allowing the simultaneous charging of three devices. According to official data, it is able to recharge approximately 63% of a Xiaomi 14 Pro, 55% of an iPhone 15 Pro and 48% of a Redmi K70 in just 30 minutes.

As regards safety, the power bank is equipped with multiple protections against short circuits, overvoltages, overcurrents, overloads and excessive discharges, ensuring reliable and long-lasting use over time.

Moving on to Mijia Desk Lamp 2 Lite, we find a product that not only illuminates domestic environments, but does so with a high quality standard. With a'central lighting 1944lx and an index of rchromatic hexa of Ra90, this lamp faithfully reproduces natural colors, minimizing visual fatigue thanks to superior quality lamp beads and a Blue light hazard level rated as RG0 (risk-free).

The lamp was designed to be versatile and adaptable to different needs, with a rotating axis that allows flexible distribution of light. LThe optimal angle for use is 85°, but can be folded to save space when not in use. The customized optical lens, with a light transmission of 53%, guarantees bright and comfortable lighting.

In terms of control, the lamp offers intuitive interaction: a touch to turn on or off and a long press to adjust the brightness. The Mijia Desk Lamp 2 Lite has three brightness levels thing to meet the needs of different scenes, from studying to working from home to relaxing.

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