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You won't believe how monstrous Xiaomi's next power bank will be, and we're not just talking about power

Di capacious power banks Xiaomi has some but what it is about to present is really something else. The previews, coming from Chinese social media, suggest that the upcoming device will immediately stand out appearance unique. But it won't just be the design that will interest users, but the capacity, power provided and certificazione Unpublished.

25.000 mAh Xiaomi power bank with ICAO certification and 212W

The most obvious feature is the panel front transparent, which offers a fascinating look at the internal components. The most attentive will remember that last year too Meizu presented a transparent power bank together with PANDAER. But now it's Xiaomi's turn. As anticipated however, it won't just be the design that will amaze.

front and rear part xiaomi power bank with 25000 mAh and ICAO certification with power output
The maximum power delivered by the power bank

The real strength of this power bank lies in its technical specifications. With a capacity di 25.000mAh, the device is designed to provide enough power to keep smartphones, tablets and even laptops running for days on end. Personally, I own an old Xiaomi power bank purchased in China 5 years ago with a capacity of 20.000 mAh: it is still my companion at work and when travelling.

front part of the 25000 mAh Xiaomi power bank and ICAO certification with charge percentage
The front part of the device with transparent body

But speaking of travel, another interesting detail that emerged from the leaked images is the rating of 90,08 Wh. This value is not random: it was chosen to comply with the regulations ofInternational Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO), making the power bank suitable for use on airplanes.

25000 mah xiaomi power bank charging ports
The rating of 90,08 Wh

Furthermore, from the leaked information it seems that the new power bank can deliver up to 212W of power. This will be distributed across three ports: two USB-C and one USB-A. The first USB-C port can provide up to 140w, making it ideal for high-performance laptops like the MacBook Pro 16. The second USB-C port delivers 45w, while the USB-A port can handle up to 120w, covering practically every fast charging need.

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