Xiaomi presents new ZMI battery charger and Wiha electric screwdriver

We continue the day of Xiaomi gadgets that a few hours ago gave us the new mattress topper Xiaomi Chanitex Smart Warm Mattress, with two equally interesting products, we talk about the ZMI Dual Fast Charger 30W and the Wiha 20V Wireless Electric Screwdriver. Are you intrigued? Then read on to find out more!

Xiaomi presents new ZMI charger and Wiha screwdriver

ZMI Dual Fast Charger charger 30W Wiha 20V Wireless Electric Screwdriver

Let's start with the Dual Fast Charger 30W produced by the famous ZMI sub-brand. The charger comes with two sockets, one of the USB Type-C type (the reversible one) and one of the USB-A type, or the classic one. The USB-C type port has an output of up to 30W when used individually, so enough to recharge a latest generation ultrabook. While as regards the USB Type-A port, this can reach up to 27W in output, always if in operation alone. Instead, if we use both ports simultaneously we can reach a maximum power of 24W on each port, for a total of 48W.

With the charger we can, for example, recharge the iPhone XS faster by around 40% than the standard Apple charger, for a full 1 recharge now and 54 minutes. While the Redmi K20 Pro can instead be reloaded in just 1 now and 14 minutes.

From the point of view of safety, the ZMI Dual Fast Charger 30W equips a high quality chip to be able to understand the right charging speed of the different electronic devices, thus avoiding overvoltage problems and effectively safeguarding the battery. Furthermore, the battery charger is very efficient and has several components for the prevention of overheating, etc.

The ZMI Dual Fast Charger 30W is sold in China at a price of 59 Yuan, about € 7,5 at current exchange rates.

ZMI Dual Fast Charger charger 30W Wiha 20V Wireless Electric Screwdriver

Let's move on to the Wiha 20V Wireless Electric Screwdriver, the 20V screwdriver with 200 Newton Metro power, long range, different speeds and other features.

The Wiha screwdriver adopts a Japanese-made Mabuchi engine, with metal gears and a twisting power of up to 200N-m. There are then eight different different tips with a high hardness (S2) and a container for storing them. Xiaomi says the tips are great for building large furniture, kitchens, bathrooms and more.

As for the autonomy instead, we have a removable lithium 1500mAh battery that can be recharged in the dedicated base. This can then be fully charged in just 80 minutes.

The Wiha 20V Wireless Electric Screwdriver has different speeds that can be adjusted through the trigger. So as the pressure increases, the speed will increase, while when the button is released, the engine will stop instantly. Obviously it is possible to decide whether to rotate the tip clockwise or counter-clockwise, or even put it in block mode if we position the switch in the center.

The Wiha 20V Wireless Electric Screwdriver is available for purchase in China at around 599 yuan, around 76 €.


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