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Xiaomi presents her first night goggles to sleep and rest your eyes!

Xiaomi is a large Chinese manufacturing company not only famous for its own giant line of smartphones, but also everything related to the technology, design and comfort of the home and users. All these sectors have allowed the brand to be always distinguished among other companies at any time. Just today, the Chinese company presents the first Xiaomi glasses to rest the eyes.

The Chinese company stands out thanks to its extensive catalog that covers almost all types of products for most of the different markets and that meet each of the needs that users require for their daily duties. Today their lifestyle product line still comes more expanded, the glasses are indeed part of the intelligent accessories of Xiaomi that will no doubt make more easy the practice of everyday life.


This is not the first time that the Chinese manufacturer launches glasses, launched glasses of all kinds, from lenses to protect us from the sun, to glasses a augmented realityHowever, the company wanted to solve the needs of users with regard to rest, creating the first Xiaomi glasses for rest your eyes.

These glasses have a cutting edge technology that will provide an ideal rest for the eyes, thanks to a system that allows you to heat the support to give heat, so that they can relax properly. The glasses are made of durable materials and high quality elements, they were created for solve the fatigue that the eyes accuse in long study sessions, from reading books to hours spent in front of a monitor.

This product is similar to one smart mask, it is completely rechargeable with a cable USB Type C, can offer several sessions of use before reloading. The glasses Xiaomi for the view at rest they have a price of $ 11,75 (€ 10), it is expected that they will soon be on sale in virtual stores.


Alessandro Matthia Celli
Alessandro Matthia Celli

I am a young boy, keen on being a child of all technology, but specifically in the mobile world, Android and Xiaomi! I have known this company by mistake at the age of 10 and have since become part of my life. I love everything about Android: apps, games, material design, Google, programming and much more!


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