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Xiaomi mouse on offer starting from 15 €

Today we offer you an interesting coupon for it Xiaomi Mi Mouse that with our flash sale can be purchased at this incredible price !!!

The Mi Portable Mouse uses a 4.0 wifi bluetooth connection via the extremely reliable chip Nordic 51822 which ensures stable communication up to 10m and low power consumption. The peculiarity of this device is the ability to be associated with 2 pc at the same time and switch easily from one to the other using a dedicated button at the bottom.

The Xiaomi Mi Portable Mouse weighs only 77,5g with the batteries installed (already included in the package), has small dimensions (110.2 × 57.2 × 23.6 mm) and a simple design. It uses the same aluminum that we find in MacBooks, therefore scratch-resistant and very resistant. The buttons are instead made of ABS plastic and have an excellent resistance to pressure (0.6N).

The sensor is of the high-precision photo-electronic type (1200dpi) and guarantees good compatibility with the usual non-transparent materials: desks, frosted glass, paper and obviously mouse mats.

The object in question does not propose anything futuristic but the usual excellent value for money

which has for years characterized all Xiaomi branded products. In addition, our fortune falls into a category of products that do not have software or language peculiarities, they are perfectly enjoyable on the Italian market!

Today the 1000dpi version is also available!

Original Xiaomi bluetooth 4.0 2.4G Wireless Dual Modes Portable Mouse from EU warehouse
🇨🇳 Priority Direct Mail Shipping (15 / 20gg, No Customs) ✈
Ask us about international distributors Ask us about international distributors

🖱 XIAOMI 2.4GHz Wireless 1000DPI Portable Streamlined Shape Mouse
💰 Flash price: 15 €
🇨🇳 Priority Direct Mail Shipping (15 / 20gg, No Customs) ✈

🖱 XIAOMI XMWS001TM Fashion Wireless 2.4GHz + bluetooth Dual Mode Mouse 1000DPI
💰 Flash price: 18 €
Buy➡https: //xiaomi.today/34iFCCc
🇨🇳 Priority Line Delivery (Delivery 10-20gg, NO customs) ✈


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Davide Quack
Davide Quack
3 years ago

A wifi mouse seems to me to make sense.

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