Xiaomi presents new Bluetooth headsets for young people

The world of Bluetooth headsets is more and more crowded and often extricate itself among the many products is really difficult. Better then to rely on a brand that never disappoints like Xiaomi that for some time has started to offer this category of products. And so here comes the new Xiaomi Bluetooth Collar Headphones Youth Edition, a very long name to describe the wireless earphones with sporty design in-ear characterized by a collar structure. The company aims not only on sound quality but also on a low weight, a long battery life and colors dedicated to the youngest.


In fact, the new Bluetooth headsets of Xiaomi, are very inspired by what we saw in this review, making up of TPU material and soft rubber in the areas in contact with the neck, protecting it from any abrasion and at the same time increasing the grip, thus avoiding slipping once worn.

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Xiaomi presents new Bluetooth headsets for young people

At the audio level, a moving coil acoustic technology is adopted, which allows the use of dynamic feedback. In other words, the earphones proposed by Xiaomi adapt perfectly to sports situations, without the sound being affected by vibrations caused for example by a race. So the Xiaomi Bluetooth Collar Headphones Youth Edition turn out to be a perfect solution for athletes who do not want to give up the excellent music, as well as a pinch of design grace two colors including black and bright red, the latter very young.

No more details emerge except that the battery gives about 7 hours of playback in the face of a 1 recharge now, but we will be able to tell you more after the November 11, the date on which the audio gadget will be marketed in China with a price of 169 yuan, equivalent to about 22 euros.

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