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There is no doubt: Xiaomi's security cameras are extremely reliable

Those of you who use the security cameras from Xiaomi like the Mi 360 ° Home Security Camera? Without a doubt, among you readers there is someone who has a security system designed by Lei Jun's company. And this someone will be pleased to know that from today the product in question, including the companion app Xiaomi Home, they received a certificazione very important precisely in the field of security and privacy protection. This is the famous certification Kitemark ™. Let's go see the details.

The Xiaomi Mi 360 ° Home Security Camera and the Xiaomi Home app have just received a very important certification in the security field

The brand announced today that Mi 360 ° Home Security Camera has achieved Kitemark ™ certification for residential IoT devices since British Standard Institution (BSI). BSI is a company focused on business improvement and safety standards. Even the app Xiaomi Home, used to control all smart home devices, has obtained the Kitemark ™ certification for secure digital applications. But please, what does it mean to receive this certification?

Obtaining Kitemark ™ certifications means that products comply with best safety practices, including it EN303645 standards issued byEuropean Telecommunications Standards Institute (ETSI). The brand therefore marks another milestone for the relentless effort to protect the security of information and the privacy of its consumers.

xiaomi receives a bsi security certification for its security cameras and for Xiaomi home

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Frank Zhang, chief executive of BSI Greater China, commented:

“We are pleased to see that Xiaomi has obtained Kitemark ™ certifications for its Mi 360 ° Home Security Camera and the Xiaomi Home app. Xiaomi has made great efforts to incorporate the international safety standard into its products and build trust with consumers. BSI is looking forward to working with Xiaomi in the future and improving the development of the IoT ecosystem by instilling more elements of trust between brands and consumers. "

Frank Zhang, CEO of BSI Greater China

The Chinese company owns the world's leading consumer AIoT platform with over 351 millions of connected devices and 49 million users. Furthermore, it always considers the security and privacy of user data as its top priority. Therefore, Xiaomi has established a comprehensive management and technology structure for protect data security. The Xiaomi's Mi AIoT platform has been certified with both the information security management standard ISO / IEC 2700 than with the privacy information management system ISO / IEC 27701 by BSI. At the same time, Xiaomi has published the Cyber ​​Security Baseline for Consumer Internet of Things Devices and Xiaomi IoT Privacy White Paper (available at this site), introducing in a complete way the company security and privacy policies and practices.


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