Xiaomi finally opens an investigation on the proximity sensor

Xiaomi and that bad problem with the proximity sensor. Unfortunately there are many, many users who complain every day and send us negative feedback about this worry. But the truth is this: the only mistake that Xiaomi has made is that of having trusted the wrong company regarding the proximity sensors on its devices. And it is well aware of this, so much so that it proposes an interesting survey / survey concerning numerous smartphone models. Redmi included. Let's go see the details of the news.

Problems with the proximity sensor on Xiaomi and Redmi smartphones? The brand is aware of it. Here is a survey to know yours

On the Mi Community official, today, a new very interesting thread has appeared. We talk about the proximity sensor on Xiaomi and Redmi smartphones and how much family jewels spin when they don't work. Specifically, we know that the problem does not depend on the brand, or rather not completely. His mistake was to rely on Elliptic Labs, of which we have already heard of it previously. This is a Norwegian company that can boast a record: that of distribute virtual sensors to most companies


But having said that, let's get to the news itself. On this new survey, the moderators of the Mi Community want to be clear what are the real problems so they can pass the problem directly to the developers. Specifically, these Xiaomi smartphone models are named:

  • I 10T
  • Mi 10T Pro
  • My 10T Lite
  • Note me 10 Lite
  • Redmi Note 10
  • Notes redmi 10 Pro

The questions they ask are: on what occasion does the proximity sensor fail? How often happens the problem? Which application are you using (Google phone or other third party)? Are you using a cover? Which Xiaomi / Redmi smartphone model you are using, on which there is the problem of the proximity sensor?

We hope this survey will help the developers fix the problem, even if we know that there is only one solution: no longer use these virtual proximity sensors but switch to optical ones.

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4 days ago

that's right, in fact on my Mi9T, with optical sensor, I never had any problems, I did the CIT test and from the plate resting on the table Mi9T responds perfectly !!!

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