Xiaomi QuickNews: The stable version of MIUI 10 will be released between September and October / Launch of Mijia's second round of Internet Air Conditioner / Xiaomi challenges furniture stores with a set of mobile 25

Continue our section on 3 news on the Xiaomi brand. We will not make words, we will be quick and we will score as a sniper, but not for this the content is to be underestimated, so read carefully.

The stable version of MIUI 10 will be released between September and October

The new interface has been talked about for almost 2 months MIUI 10, and thanks to the various open beta and official rollout for well 27 Xiaomi devices, the update is increasingly taking hold. But many people wonder when this update to MIUI 10 will be stable, without having to theoretically incur a system bug. Considering that from the 23 July, the third and last batch of Xiaomi smartphones is being tested, the answer to the question seems to arrive in the comments onthe Weibo social profile of the MIUI development team. In fact, it seems that its super users respond that the Stable version of the new system interface branded Xiaomi it will take place between September and October. So we will have the whole summer to decide whether to wait or to participate in the current beta program.

The second round of sales of Mijia Internet Air Conditioner started

A few days ago we told you about the new Xiaomi air conditioner that in the first phase of sale has tried to entice the various users with a very incredible price, that is 999,5 yuan (about 126 euro). Among the features of the Mijia Internet Air Conditioner, as the name suggests, we find the possibility of being able to control our thermal appliance not only through the application but also with voice commands taking advantage of the artificial intelligence ecosystem Xiao AI. In addition, the Mijia air conditioner has the inverter function with a heating power up to 900 W, while the air cooling power has a capacity capable of satisfy environments ranging from 16 to 23 square meters, but above all it allows to regulate the temperature with precision of 0,1 ° C. That said, the 31 July will start the second round of product sales, which will be offered again at the price of 999,5 yuan, greatly pushing sales in the thermal sector, in which Xiaomi seems to be aiming a lot.

Xiaomi challenges furniture stores with a set of mobile 25s

It is certainly not a novelty to propose on the furniture market by the Chinese technological giant Xiaomi. Yet this time it makes a sensation that the company has in store a set that would allow most of the furnishing of their home. In fact 25 will be the furniture that will make up the set which will be sold with the Mijia sub brand, synonymous with quality and dedication to the product. In this case, however, sales will not take place on the company's traditional stores, but rather one was tightened partnership with the Master Tong company, responsible for the sale of the rich furniture set in the eastern city of Hangzhou. In particular The furniture set includes items for the bedroom, the home office, the living room and the dining room. At the design level, the inspiration for the most well-known Ikea seems evident but it is as always the minimalist design to charm the various users who can buy the set for a price of approx 4400 dollars (about 3770 euros), Whereas the materials used are pure European elm wood and leather from American cattle. On balance this is the most expensive product that Xiaomi has ever proposed on their shelves.

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